We revised our procedures and services

During the year, we revised our processes and services. We were also rewarded for creative solutions.

The Tax Administration’s management forums have been streamlined

The new arrangement combines the Tax Administration Management Group with the Taxation Management Group. The organisation of the Tax Administration was also amended with effect from 1 January 2017.

Organisation of the Tax Administration (in Finnish)

In 2017, we prepared the tasks and operations of the Taxpayer Services Unit, which was launched at the beginning of 2018. This unit is responsible for customer service and its development in all Tax Administration channels, such as personal visits, the telephone service, and digital issues, as well as for managing the customer experience provided by advisory services. The unit is responsible for around two million customer calls and 400,000 personal visits each year. The unit also provides multichannel online services. The unit was initially set up to operate in nine localities. It employs close to 400 persons at the start-up stage.

Organisation of the Tax Administration

New openings

In 2017, we launched a new service package for growth companies at the Slush start-up event. With this service, we want to support Finnish growth companies that are going international – but we are also seeking new taxpayers for Finland from the Chinese market.

YouTube Tax Finland China Desk

Our high-growth company services at Slush

Piloting robotics via three tasks

During the review year, we explored the kinds of work a robot could do in the near future. Since the autumn of 2017, we have tested out robotics in asset taxation, reviews of tax decisions and tax audits.

We found around 70 process parts that would be suitable for a robot. During the strategy period, robots will perform about 100 person-years of work at the Tax Administration.

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The Large Taxpayers’ Office has developed cooperation models

Payroll services are increasingly often outsourced. Service providers thus play a key role in both ensuring the correctness of tax prepayments and providing information for the taxation of individuals. Through deeper cooperation with payroll services, we are seeking to ensure that we receive all information on their customer companies’ employer contributions on time and in the correct amounts. This reduces the need for the retroactive tax control of individual customer companies. When service provider companies adopt this approach, they commit to developing their tax prepayment practices in cooperation with the Tax Administration, and we support their operations with our services.

In future, we will focus our operations even more strongly on special issues concerning the taxation of large international corporations. To this end, the Large Taxpayers’ Office has honed its customer relationships. The aim is to handle the tax matters of customer companies even better.  We began a project in 2017 to develop customer relationship management with a view to increasing knowledge of customers and business operations, as well as handling tax matters with customers of the Large Taxpayers’ Office in a more efficient and interactive manner.

Bug bounty honoured as the Cyber Achievement of the Year

Tivi magazine and a jury of experts honoured the Finnish bug bounty programme as the Cyber Achievement of the Year. The bug bounty programme was initiated by the Tax Administration to detect information security vulnerabilities in the MyTax online service. As far as we know, the Tax Administration is the first central government actor in Finland to try paying bounties in order to improve its information security. The bug bounty programme is a community-driven means of information security testing. In the programme, a certain service is assigned as a target to a selected group of information security researchers. They are paid a reward commensurate with the severity of the vulnerabilities they find.

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VAHTI organisation award

The Government Information and Cyber Security Management Board (VAHTI), which was set up by the Ministry of Finance, presented the award to an organisation rather than an individual for the first time. The Tax Administration won the VAHTI award for its proactive development and substantial investments in digital security.

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