Our e-services are the basis for good customer experience

For example, we have developed the future taxation of invoicing service providers, the MyTax service, the incomes and apartments registers as well as identification and authorisation services.

New phenomena call for new kinds of taxation

We are involved in developing taxation for both new technological phenomena and new sources of income.  For instance, in 2017 the Tax Administration prepared for the future taxation of invoicing service providers, blockchains and the sharing economy.

The MyTax service was expanded twice

MyTax launched an even broader range of services for customers in January 2017. From the beginning of the year, those filing and paying self-assessed taxes became MyTax customers, while the Tax Account Online service became a thing of the past.

In November 2017, the income taxation of corporations was added to MyTax. Corporate customers now handle almost all of their transactions online. In addition, both individual and corporate taxpayers can log in and ask about gift taxes and how to handle their obligations as an employer. During the year, MyTax was also developed on the basis of customer feedback. For instance, a transaction search function was added, making it easier to find information on transactions during the tax period in MyTax.

In November 2018, the MyTax service will also be expanded to cover individual taxpayers. For this reason, the Tax Administration participated in overhauling assessment procedures and the preparation of legislative amendments.

As usual, we helped customers in 2017 on chat, over the telephone, at our offices, and via tax.fi on Ask Your Question and the Answer Bank.  Anticipating customers’ questions about tax reforms, we provided advice with webinars and videos, on the social media and on our site, tax.fi.

We have developed areas such as the future taxation of invoicing service providers, the MyTax service, Incomes Register, Electronic Housing Company Share Register and both identification and authorisation services.

MyTax guidance was supplemented with instructional videos and illustrated instructions.

Information on MyTax

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Implementation of the Incomes Register proceeds

The Incomes Register plays a major role in promoting digitalisation. The Incomes Register is a national e-database. It contains comprehensive salary, pension and benefit information at individual level. Information providers submit information on earned income to the Incomes Register in real time and by payment type.

One of the tangible outcomes of the Incomes Register is that payroll information reporting processes can be automated.  The Incomes Register will be launched in phases.

From 2019, earnings payments will be reported to the Incomes Register, followed by information on benefits and pensions from 2020.

More information about the Incomes Register (in Finnish and Swedish only)

Preparatory work on the Housing Share Register has begun

We have been involved in planning a newelectronic register for housing company shares. This is a spearhead government project that aims to create an electronic register for housing company share information and owner information. In future, it is possible that the Tax Administration and the Housing Share Register will source information from a shared database. The project is headed up by the National Land Survey of Finland. The other project partners are the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and the Population Register Centre. The launch of the Housing Share Register is planned for 2019.

Step-by-step changeover in identification

We are gradually shifting to the use of Suomi.fi identification services. In 2017, Suomi.fi identification was deployed in MyTax, Palkka.fi, and Tax Card Online. Suomi.fi solutions are intended to replace the Katso service for identification purposes by the end of 2019.

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