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Number of staff at the Tax Administration

The number of staff in 2017 totalled 5,065 person-years. Compared to the year before, this means a slight increase. The increase includes 205 person-years for handling tax matters that were transferred from the Customs to the Tax Administration.

Trend in Tax Administration staff’s average age

The average age of Tax Administration staff was 48.5 years. It has decreased year by year since 2013.

Job satisfaction index at the Tax Administration

In 2017, a total of 4,182 employees took part in the VMBaro job satisfaction survey. This is 79% of the staff at the Finnish Tax Administration. The overall index for job satisfaction continued to rise and was now 3.62.


For planning and monitoring data related to performance guidance, visit the website tax.fi: Verohallinnon tulosohjausasiakirjat (in Finnish only). Performance guidance agreements and the budget adopted by the Parliament play a key role in the central government’s performance guidance. The most important monitoring documents include the annual accounts and, in particular, the associated management report, as well as the relevant ministry’s position on the annual accounts and management report.

Customer survey

Finns’ attitudes towards paying taxes are more and more favourable. According to an attitude survey carried out by the Tax Administration in August-October 2017, 79% of Finns are happy to pay their taxes. This figure has risen by as much as 10 percentage points during the past four years.